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Colin "MrSwirlyEyes" Keef in collaboration with the University of California San Diego presents several projects and tutorials that are documented in excruciating detail. The goal? To make prototyping, making, breaking, and engineering a hobby for students and aspiring engineers around the world!

There are tutorials for how to use particular devices, hardware, and software. In addtion, we have produced several of the projects use these tutorials as a stepping stone. So whether you want to learn a particular device, hardware, or software there is a project you can do in conjunction! Similarly, each of the projects has a tutorial page so you can learn the background information before making the real deal.

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Learn web development (HTML/CSS, Javascript), python, C/C++, embedded programing, and more!


Circuits both analog and digital, system integration, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Internet of Things (IoT), AR/VR, and machine learning - coming soon!


Design is everything. Design is bringing your creativity to life. Learn to design your world!

Start MAKING fun!